The rules and bylaws of MMSRA are currently under revision and will be reissued in January, 2015


Rules of the Mid-Michigan Street Rod Association

Article 1: Membership Rules

1) Membership dues become due and payable on the first day of January each year. Dues notices shall be published in the newsletter for December, January, and February.

2) Members falling ninety days in arrears with their dues shall be suspended from the newsletter mailing prior to the next mailing.

3) Members shall be allowed to remain in the association without owning a street rod, providing he, or she, keeps their dues current.

4) Members who are suspended for any reason, or who have allowed their membership to lapse, shall forego all membership rights, including voting rights.

5) All members shall agree to abide by the rules of this organization.

Article II: Rules of Conduct.

1) Members shall neither consume, nor be under the influence, of alcohol at any club meeting or event designated as a club event or listed as such.

2) Members shall agree to model the behavior that is in the best interest of this association and street rodding in general.

3) Members shall be expected to thoughtful and courteous toward other people, other drivers, and the property rights of others.

Article III: Rules of Safety.

1) Members shall local and state laws and ordinances.

2) Members shall operate their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner, with respect for the safety of others.

Article IV: Amendments to the Rules.

1) The rules of the association may be changed, or amended, by a majority vote at any membership meeting without prior notice.